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Thursday, October 05, 2006
Flowery Prose
We've all read it a thousand times, in those lovable romance novels that take us away. However, the beauty of flowery prose tends to escape me. Maybe I just prefer the direct approach. I know I write that way. Even when I'm reading, my eyes tend to skip over descriptive passages of yards, fields, skies and the dew shining on the petals of flowers. See - I can't even think to name a particular flower.

I understand that these descriptions create an atmosphere, or setting, if you will. The difficulty lies in trying to work this approach into my own work. I'm all for laying out the scene, involving the reader in what's going on around the characters and setting the mood. The trouble lies in my choice of words.

They're not flowery.

I often wonder how many people are like me in this aspect. Do you love all those flowery-type descriptions? Or, do you tend to skim over them to get to the meat of the scene?

An inquiry mind wants to know.
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