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Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Help or Hindrance
Computers are wonderful - of course that is, when they are working properly. They make it easy for us to transfer large sections of text from one spot to another with just a few clicks (you have to love copy and paste). Dictionaries and thesauruses are right on board and even that pesky spell-check is ready to jump into the fray at any time.

As wonderful as they are, they definitely do pose a downside.

For me, that downside includes access to way too much information, communities, blogs and other whatnots. After the children are off to school, I grab my morning coffee and head into my office. I sit at my computer, fire it up and wait for it to hum into action. Then, what's the first thing I do? Check emails, of course.

After that, it's a quick trip around cyberspace. I check in on the latest news and weather, peruse a few blogs and message boards that I enjoy, and do any research required. The trouble is, this can be a huge time-waster and it is far too easy to fall into its trap.

I've heard it said that you should "write first" and then reward yourself with time for emails and surfing. It probably is good advice, although it doesn't really work for me. I enjoy that slow progression into work mode. I guess, in the end, we all need to do what works best for us - as long as we're getting the writing done.
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