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Saturday, December 02, 2006
My NaNoWriMo Experience
Now that the frenzy of November - and NaNoWriMo - is over, it's time to decompress and put in perspective the month that was.

First off, as stated, I did not hit the fifty thousand word mark. However, I did write to the end of my novel. In the flurry that was the word count, I found myself just telling the story, without inputting a lot of character description or plot motivation. Now though, I can go back and add these in (at a leisurely pace) while I do the first edit. This should up my word count to the area I am striving.

The experience, on a whole, was a good one. It does not correspond well to the way I write, but I found benefit in it nonetheless. Will I be back to do it again next year? - You bet, although I will have a different plan.

To all those that finished and hit the fifty thousand word count, a big congratulations to you all. To all those that attempted, and failed, I hope the experience was a good one.

Although I did not win, I have a great manuscript in progress - and one I hope to have fully completed in the New Year.

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