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Victoria Alt is a writer who is aspiring to break into the world of Romance publication. Follow her journey through manuscript completions, submissions, the knock downs and all the successes that happen along the way.
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Friday, November 17, 2006
I'm a big believer in karma. If you work hard, persevere, and treat others as you'd like to be treated, good things happen. Why the universe shifted, to give all three of my children and my man the day off, is beyond me. Somehow, though, I will manage to steal some time in my office and get my writing done.

Good things are happening for me too, so, I'm not complaining. I'm finishing my last freelance projects before I shut the door on that aspect of my writing. I've taken a part-time position to supplement my income, which is totally unrelated to writing, and the WIP is coming along nicely. In all respects, life is running smoothly and I'm all for that.

I have one more project in the works but I'll let you all know about that another time. Until then, keep writing!

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I have been writing for years, although this is my first venture into the world of writing romance.
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