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Tuesday, October 17, 2006
As much as I enjoy hanging out with friends, going to funky little coffee shops, and entertaining family in general, they do not play into my writing day. I do these activities on my down time.

When I am writing, I need complete solitude and complete silence. I know many people who prefer a little background noise, whether it is music or whatnot, but this does not work for me. If I have the radio on, my mind drifts to the lyrics and I end up singing along instead of writing. I tend to have a hard time tuning out the noise around me.

What that means is that I schedule my writing time for when solitude is possible. Usually that is when the kids are at school and the man is at work. The entire house is quiet, the only noise coming from the loud pounding on the keyboard. And yes, I do type loudly. To hear that loud pounding makes me feel like I am accomplishing something, even if the words written do not.

The only rule I have during this time is that no one disturb me. I don't answer the phone and I do not make plans to meet up with friends. This is sacred time and I treat it as so. It is a time for my computer, my writing and me alone.

As much as I need and enjoy the solitude during my day, when its time for everyone to return home from their day, my writing day is done. I turn off my computer, join my family, go out with friends, and once again, rejoin the world as a whole.

A writer's life cannot be all about solitude. If it were, what would we have to write about?
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