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Victoria Alt is a writer who is aspiring to break into the world of Romance publication. Follow her journey through manuscript completions, submissions, the knock downs and all the successes that happen along the way.
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Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Five Sleeps
Christmas is just around the corner - and I finally think I'm ready. Now, all that's left is the final waiting hours, all the scrumptious food and visiting with family. Christmas is my favorite time of year - and I have to admit - I am just as excited as my children are.

Between working, gift buying, baking and visiting, I'm still trying to edit my manuscript. It's coming along well and I'm learning that my simple style of writing may be what works best for me. I guess I'll just have to wait and see if it works for my beta readers. Only time will tell, so, it's onwards until then.

Keep writing everyone - and remember - only five more sleeps!

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Friday, December 15, 2006
I'm starting to develop an off-kilter blog schedule. I usually try for daily posts, but depending on the hectic nature of the day, sometimes it's not always possible. Taking on an outside job has certainly added to the chaotic schedule in my life.

I'm still editing the first manuscript - so, there's one positive. I'm also finishing a job for my home business (which I am completely closing at the end of the year). Even though I have decided to wait on the new manuscript until the New Year, I'm itching to write it. I guess I'll have to satisfy that itch with Christmas shopping this weekend.

Perhaps after this busy holiday season, I can work out a good system and schedule that works for me - and keeps me consistent.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006
The Editing Continues
The editing on my first manuscript is coming along nicely. So far, I have completed two of thirteen chapters. Today, I am hoping to get through the third chapter.

Ultimately, I would have liked to have the entire manuscript edited before the end of the year. With Christmas fast approaching, I'm not sure I will keep to that schedule. However, I am hoping to send out the edited manuscript to beta readers early in the New Year. I am still in the process of selecting who these readers will be.

Choosing beta readers is not an easy task. It's always best to have betas that are impartial - usually meaning, not your family and closest friends. In this stage, you're not looking for a pat on the back, rather, input that will benefit your manuscript.

I'll keep focused on the editing for now.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Let's talk a little more on characters.

I'm a writer who likes to get to know my characters well before I start writing. I need to picture them in my head - from what they look like to how they act in certain situations. I want to know all their likes and dislikes from their favorite activities, to their backgrounds and what makes them tick.

Once I have all that firmly set in my mind, then I can put them into extreme situations and watch them go. Usually, I think I know how they will react. Sometimes I'm wrong. Characters have a way of infusing their own will on your story.

This is where it gets tricky. Sometimes, it is better to let them exert their free will, and you as the writer, just follow them along. At other times, it's best to know when to pull the reins and drag them back. The one thing not to do is fret over your characters showing their independence. That usually means you have developed them enough into real people - and they will act accordingly.

I usually find that if my characters are just following my lead as events happen, I haven't gotten to know them well enough first. So, on that point, take some time and really get to know and understand your characters before you start writing. Many websites, books and interview techniques are out there that can help you accomplish this feat - so take advantage.

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Monday, December 11, 2006
Always on the Learn
Settling into the new job has been an experience. I am still in the process of learning how everything works and what I'm supposed to do. After running my own business for years, I'm in the position of re-learning - and it can be a little unsettling.

It reminds me of writing, especially when it comes to characters. As the writer, we know what our characters are supposed to do but they don't always see it that way. They too, have to find their own way through the story plot.

That means, we are always learning with every word we write. I guess, that can be a good thing. It means that it never gets stale or automated - and how can you go wrong with that.

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Friday, December 08, 2006
Red Pen
It's time to break out the red pen and put it to work.

I'm not expecting work to be too busy today, so I figure, I'll print off the first two chapters of my first manuscript and bring it along. I have great bosses, who know I am a writer, and allow me to write on my laptop when there is a lull in the office.

To tell the truth, I'm strangely excited about editing it. I've had my break from it and now, I'm ready for the next phase. Not that ripping apart my work and then trying to piece it back together shall be that much fun. Fun or not though, it is necessary - and its one-step closer to the road of beta readers, final edits and then, submissions.

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006
Time Excuse
"Oh, you're a writer? I've always wanted to write a book, if only I had the time."

Time is the number one excuse, isn't it? In reality though, it is just that, an excuse. We're all busy. We have full lives, jobs, families and tons of other responsibilities that go along with being an adult. The lack of time cannot be your crutch for not writing, if that really is a goal you've chosen for yourself.

I have a loving man, three children, and three crazy animals that we call pets, a house to tend, and a job outside my home four days a week. With all that, I still make time to write. I have to.

Time will never just show up on your doorstep saying "here I am, make use of me". You have to make the time to write, wherever and whenever you can. If you're serious about writing, use the time needed to explain why you don't have time to write - to write!

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posted by Victoria Alt @ 9:45 AM   2 Comments:

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006
Victoria Alt Website
Well, it's up - my website, that is. It's still in the bare-bones stage but I'm hoping to have some time coming up over the weekend to work on it a bit more. The design soothes me but I'm still working on its practicality. Time will tell.

I know it's probably early to have it up and running but my mother always told me to be prepared. Plus, it further motivates me to keep writing and get those manuscript submissions in.

If you want to check it out - you can do so right HERE or use the link in the right side menu.

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posted by Victoria Alt @ 7:39 AM   2 Comments:

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Monday, December 04, 2006
A New Romance
A new week is beginning, and with it, brings new excitement about the new manuscript. I'm still not ready to start editing the NaNo manuscript just yet. By mid-month, I suspect I might be ready to pull it out and start. Until then though, I'll keep writing on the new one.

I have the new manuscript (WIP 2) outlined and the first chapter is well under way. I've had the idea for this novel brewing in my head for a year and a half. Now, seems like the right time to tell the story.

I must admit, this one makes me nervous. While it is still a love story, there is more going on in it, along with symbolism and such that will take some effort to employ. Or, it could be that these characters are special to me and I really want to do them justice.

Even though I go into this Work in Progress with some trepidation, the excitement of finally telling the story wins out. And that's exactly why I write - that burning desire to tell a story.

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Saturday, December 02, 2006
My NaNoWriMo Experience
Now that the frenzy of November - and NaNoWriMo - is over, it's time to decompress and put in perspective the month that was.

First off, as stated, I did not hit the fifty thousand word mark. However, I did write to the end of my novel. In the flurry that was the word count, I found myself just telling the story, without inputting a lot of character description or plot motivation. Now though, I can go back and add these in (at a leisurely pace) while I do the first edit. This should up my word count to the area I am striving.

The experience, on a whole, was a good one. It does not correspond well to the way I write, but I found benefit in it nonetheless. Will I be back to do it again next year? - You bet, although I will have a different plan.

To all those that finished and hit the fifty thousand word count, a big congratulations to you all. To all those that attempted, and failed, I hope the experience was a good one.

Although I did not win, I have a great manuscript in progress - and one I hope to have fully completed in the New Year.

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