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Monday, December 04, 2006
A New Romance
A new week is beginning, and with it, brings new excitement about the new manuscript. I'm still not ready to start editing the NaNo manuscript just yet. By mid-month, I suspect I might be ready to pull it out and start. Until then though, I'll keep writing on the new one.

I have the new manuscript (WIP 2) outlined and the first chapter is well under way. I've had the idea for this novel brewing in my head for a year and a half. Now, seems like the right time to tell the story.

I must admit, this one makes me nervous. While it is still a love story, there is more going on in it, along with symbolism and such that will take some effort to employ. Or, it could be that these characters are special to me and I really want to do them justice.

Even though I go into this Work in Progress with some trepidation, the excitement of finally telling the story wins out. And that's exactly why I write - that burning desire to tell a story.

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