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Victoria Alt is a writer who is aspiring to break into the world of Romance publication. Follow her journey through manuscript completions, submissions, the knock downs and all the successes that happen along the way.
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Tuesday, October 24, 2006
There is something magical about a hot and steamy bath. The fluidity of the water, its warm embrace and the heady lavender scent wafting from the surface deliver me into a world of relaxation.

It is in this state of relaxation that my mind is free to wander, roam and experiment with different ideas. There are no rules in a bath - just the luxury of time standing still for a moment while the heat of the water drains every muscle of its fatigue.

Perhaps it is in this draining away of all things weary and stressful that the mind opens to new possibilities. I find my mind is the most creative when I immerse in a steamy tub of water. Rarely is there a time that I do not get out of the bath brimming with new ideas to set into my writing.

Whenever I have had a particularly hard day or a tough time at the keyboard, I run that hot water, add the fragrance and get ready to free my mind from all of the day's obstacles. Even if not one articulate thought crosses my mind, I know I will come out feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and inspired to carry on.
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