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Thursday, November 09, 2006
Brain Drain
Is there a worse feeling than bumping your coffee cup as you bring it to your lips, only to watch it spill all over your keyboard? If there is, I can't think of it this morning. Now, to continue on - mind you, I just know this keyboard will be leaking for hours - damn it, I lost my train of thought.

Something I've learnt is not to fight a mind that won't think straight, so, in no particular order:

Why do kids virtually ignore you while you walk around, vacuum the carpet or otherwise engage in menial tasks only to wait until you settle comfortably in your chair to ask for something?

On the subject of children, why does it take a cowbell and cattle prod to rouse my youngest out of bed on school mornings, yet he is capable of rising, all on his own, at five a.m. on Saturdays for his cartoon fix.

And now for my favorite - where does all this dust come from? I just dusted yesterday and already my computer is covered in a thick coating - and I can just imagine the unique and intriguing mixture I have now of dust and coffee settling within my keyboard. If there was ever a market for cultivating dust and manufacturing it into a saleable product, I will have hit the jackpot.

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