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Friday, November 03, 2006
Coffee, Candy & Cigarettes
I am guilty of certain vices when I am writing and creating at the keyboard. These vices fall under the three C's: coffee, candy and cigarettes.

The first is easy - I definitely need caffeine in those first morning hours as I rouse myself from sleep and prepare for the day. It's also a nice, warm and friendly beverage throughout - and one that has me hooked.

The candy is just a yummy habit. When I am staring out the window, day dreaming or working out a plot twist in my head, I love to chomp back a few sweet treats. Of course, one must be careful in this area as a writer spends most of the day in a sedentary position. As much as I love candy, I am not so much a fan of a big butt.

The cigarettes are bad - yes, I know this, but in my defense, I'm not sure how much of them I actually enjoy. I think it becomes a psychological thing for me - I need to see that grey smoke wafting up in the air to feel productive. Of course, when I am being productive, that means I rarely get the chance to reach over and actually take a puff. Instead, I have an ashtray full of non-smoked butts but plenty of work to show for myself.

In the end, I guess it all works out.

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