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Tuesday, November 14, 2006
Brain-to-Hand Misfire
Yesterday proved to be quite aggravating. I sat, all set to write a particular scene for my NaNo novel, but to no avail. The words just wouldn't come. What made it worse is that I could see the entire scene clearly in my mind - how it developed, what was said and the outcome. The problem lay in the fact that my fingers wouldn't type the proper words to convey it.

I call it my brain-to-hand misfire - like the brain-to-mouth misfire, when you can see the dream you just awoke from but are unable to put into words what it entailed, or, when you see the word that you want to say but it sticks to the tip of your tongue.

The good thing is I have today to try again - and again, if necessary. And really, isn't that what writing is all about? We write a scene only to rewrite it over and again until it is exactly where we want it.

That's what I'll be doing today - writing and rewriting - and hopefully, the brain and hand will be firing in unison.

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